Middlesex Reds & Old Hickory Bats Partnership

The Middlesex Reds and Old Hickory Bats are coming together to create a partnership that brings together a professional organization with a world-renowned company. This partership will bring together two major players in their respective baseball worlds with one covering a large portion of the Greater Boston area and the other, based in Tennessee, is found all over the world with names like Mike Trout, Paul Goldschmidt and JD Martinez amongst the 10% of big leaguers using their bats in professional baseball, 4th highest amongst all bat companies.

The partnership will see the Reds High School teams now known as the Old Hickory Reds, traveling to many tournaments up and down the East Coast, still representing Greater Boston, but now carrying the Old Hickory name and logo while swinging some of the top wood bats in the game from one of the most popular bat companies in the world! The Middle School and Youth teams will remain known as the Middlesex Reds.

The partnership gives Old Hickory an opporutunity to make its mark in the popular Boston baseball market while the Reds program connects with a well-known and respected brand within the game, helping to continue to market itself as a premiere program in and around Boston. It will give the Reds High School players exclusive deals and access to Pro-Series Old Hickory Bats, the same as minor league and top level collegiate players, as well as discounted prices on all other Old Hickory merchandise. It’s a win-win for both organizations and both parties are excited to see this come together.

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