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The Reds Organization was founded in 1998 on the principles of providing the local area with the best amateur baseball talent that would demonstrate the finer ways of how the game of baseball is to be played. With good old fashion desire, hustle, fundamentals and a love of the game, the Watertown Reds of the Intercity League have achieved that goal within one of the country's top amateur leagues. With a desire to instill these principles in the younger players within the local area, the Middlesex Reds now take on that responsibility of continuing the success of their older members within the Reds family.

Group 222


Welcome to the middlesex reds

Success and failure come to each baseball player no matter what age and to achieve success within life and the game, you must learn to overcome your failures. A true Reds player will always put aside their individuality and do what it takes for the team's success. Whether it is to play a position that is new or to sacrifice themselves on the field or at bat, the desire to help their teammates and team, will in the end teach that small sacrifices can go a long way to overall success both as a team and individual. All members of the Reds family, both young and old, have and will continue to show these traits. For it is as a TEAM that every member of the Reds program succeeds.


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